EES Aust Pty Ltd has worked on many audio visual projects with several schools throughout NSW. Throughout the years schools have become an important part of our business. We have the experience to work efficiently on any project to avoid unnessecary interuption of classes and we are able to advice our clients on maximising their audio visual products.

We can supply competitive Interactive Whiteboard packages and can restructure your audio visual needs accordingly.

EES Aust Pty Ltd is able to supply and install Interactive Whiteboard packages and can also complete the following associated works which makes it efficient and easy to use one company for several audio visual and electrical requirements:

  • Supply and Installation of standard whiteboards
  • Supply and Installation of Safety Switches to protect the circuit
  • Extension and/of relocation of power
  • Supply and Install data sockets
  • Extension of existing data ports
  • Relocation of existing standard whiteboards
  • Upgrade capacity of walls for IWB by installing MDF sheets and/or superstructure walls
  • Supply and Installation of Aerial Cabling
  • Supply and Installation of Set top boxes
  • Complete Power and Communications Installations

Please call us on 1300 781 443 for all your enquiries and quotes or email: